ELVENKING is a truly amazing band and one I can't believe I am hearing for the first time.
ELVENKING is based out of Italy and was born back in 1997. They play a fusion of Power
Metal mixed with Folk Metal music. Their sound is very dynamic and powerful in sound. It
sounds like a full on orchestra merged with a Metal band. They at times have a Progressive
Rock sound that was popular in the seventies. The music is very symphonic through out and
well constructed and arranged. I grew up listening to Power Metal and within the past seven
plus years have really gotten into Folk Metal, so I was really loving what they have to offer.
The Folk Metal and Power Metal take turns of what dominates in the songs at times, but for
the most part it is a hybrid of both. The music gets very atmospheric and melodic in places
and almost ballad like, but then turns into a solid Power Metal song. The vocals follow the
same path as the music. Damna's vocals go from strong melodic Power Metal into some
more World Folk style clean vocals and at times they go into a rough Thrash almost Death
Metal growl. These guys merge together two styles of Metal that I love and come off with
one amazing release in the name of "ERA". If you were to take elements of
& RHAPSODY stir it up with some ENSIFERUM & ELUVEITIE you'd
get a great idea of what this band is bringing to the table!!!