EMBRIONAL hails from Poland & was formed back in 2003. The band was originally
known as
EMBRIONAL NECROPHILISM. These guys play and extremely good style of
old school Death Metal with some slight touches of Black Metal thrown in. They have a
really raw and aggressive sounding style that reminds me of a lot of the bands that emerged
out of Europe in the early 90's. The gritty and some what static sound they have is where I
hear a lot of the Black Metal coming into play. I really dig bands like this, because it reminds
me of a time before the Internet and your really had to search to find new cool bands. The
vocals are done in a raw, groggy and throaty old school Death Metal style. Sometimes the
vocals have a bit of a higher more screechy Black metal type growl sound. The vocal mix of
Ryszard & Marcin going back and forth is what I thought help give them a more powerful
drive than most Death Metal bands out there. The song arrangements and guitars really have
a strong Black Metal style as well. If you dig your Death Metal old school and like a little
Black Metal injected in, then your gonna love
EMBRIONAL. Some of the better sounding
Metal coming out of Poland in recent years!!!