EMBRIONAL is a crushing Death Metal band hailing from Poland. The band has been
around for over 10 years forming back in 2003. These guys pull several influences from
classic old school sounding Death Metal music. They combine some elements from U.S.
Death Metal as well as European Death Metal. Their sound tends to lean more towards
the European side most of the time. They take the heavy and brutal parts of Death Metal
and ram it down the throat of some classic German Thrash with some cold and harsh
Black Metal parts. The core of the band is in the Death Metal range, even though they
have that classic Death Metal vive they have a very untraditional sound, especially in the
arrangements and rhythms of the songs. The guitar work is where I hear most of the
Thrash Metal coming through, but it has a darker touch to it. When the Black Metal
elements surface it's mostly in the colder, darker more sped up areas. The vocal styling
also follows the same path as the music. The vocals are a combination of Marcin &
Ryszard "Rychu" Sosnowski doing some low ended groggy Death growls, with some
cleaner and mid ranged harsher Thrash vocals with some low Black Metal whispers and
growls mixed in as well. These guys have it all for any fans of the heavier and more
extreme style of Metal music. "THE DEVIL INSIDE" is a great introduction to this band,
but you will quickly want to seek out their past releases. In other words, get this album