ENABLER is a Punk / Hardcore crossover band out of Milwaukee. This band has been
crushing the scene as of late and really has been making a name and following for
themselves. Their last release "SHIFT OF REDEMPTION" really solidified them as a
band to keep an eye on. They play a really gritty and dirty style of Hardcore music that
infuses Punk & Crust elements into their music. The Punk stuff really comes out in some
of the vibe the band has and the attitude, which is an old school Punk style. The Crust
comes through in the dirty harsh and basically crusty sound they have. The Hardcore is
the core of the band with it's intense and aggressive in your face sound. These guys and
girl are one of the better new Hardcore bands out there now. I am more of an old school
Hardcore fan, but do love some of the newer ones and
ENABLER is definitely one of
those bands that delivers the goods. I could just envision people beating the hell out of
each other in a Hardcore pit during their shows. There is so much intensity that pours
from this band. They even do a cool cover of
SEPULTURA's "Arise", which is one of
the best versions I have heard someone cover before!