"LA FIN ABSOLUE DU MONDE" is the second album from Ohio based Enabler. This
album that came out last year also sees the new and revamped line up of the band. These
guys, and girl play a killer mix of Metal and Hardcore music. They do lean more to the
Metal side of things, but the Hardcore elements are definitely present. The music is done
in an old school D.I.Y. kind of way. It actually sounds like the band is playing live and
everything is not digitally mixed to sound better. What you hear here is exactly what you
get from
ENABLER. And I love it. They have a very underground style to their Metal.
They sound like a band you would see in any small club anywhere in the world. Not that
they sound like a million other bands, but that they are a true honest killer band. No Rock
star bullshit happening here. The music is very dirty sounding Metal with some
thunderous drumming and fast paced shredding guitars. They tend to speed things up a bit
at times and you can almost hear some Grindcore elements peaking through. The grittiness
of their over all sound is what I love the most. It reminds me of those early days of when I
got in the underground scene. The Hardcore elements come through in areas of how the
songs are laid out. They have that fast paced almost angry New York style Hardcore vibe.
The vocals are done in a graspy and throaty scream style. This is where I hear a lot of the
Hardcore influences coming in as well. Especially in the parts of the some what gang
vocals. I have a few of
ENABLER's album so far and I am becoming a huge fan of these
guys with each new release. Pick up this or any of their amazing releases and blast it as
loud as possible. One of the best under rated bands in the underground scene today.