Wisconsin's ENABLER is back with a new EP. These guys have been around for a few
years now and are accumulating a massive fan base. I reviewed their previous release "ALL
HAIL THE VOID" and was blown away. This new release "SHIFT OF REDEMPTION"
did the same thing. These guys are just a huge massive wall of sound that just crushes you
from the start. They play a very spastic, loud and aggressive style of Hardcore drowning in
Grindcore and Crust music. There is a really fast paced and hectic sound that runs through
all their songs. At times when they get a little slower and more grooved out you can hear
some Death Metal influences, coming through, but then they are swallowed up by all the
Hardcore madness. I love the old school D.I.Y. rawness and style they have that takes me
back to the '80's (I know, I'm old), when everything was D.I.Y. If you like your Hardcore
really crusty & raw with a lot of Grindcore thrown in then your gonna love ENABLER.
One of the best Crustcore bands out there now and playing it better than most that came
before them. Think of
CONVERGE meets NASUM and you got a good Idea of the brutal
beating your in for.
ENABLER must be played often blasted as loud as possible. I can't
even imaging how one of their shows would be if this is how I feel from just listening to the
album. I am a huge fan of these guys and hope they stick around for a long time, because I
want more madness from them in the future!