Self Released

Denver, Colorado's ENEMY REIGN is back with a new release, sort of. "TORMENTED
TO OBLIVION" is the bands newest release, but it is actually a remixed and remastered
version of their unreleased "DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSED" EP. This album featured
original vocalist Sherwood Webber (ex-
SKINLESS). The album also features some
remixes of some songs from their full length "BETWEEN HELL AND OBLIVION".
These guys play a style of music they like to call "Mile High Death Grind". That's because
they hail from Denver and play a killer style of Death Metal mixed with Grindcore music.
They have a bit of a European mixed with American Metal feel. They combine European
Grindcore from the late '80's with American Death Metal from the '90's. At times you can
hear a little bit of East Coast Hardcore within their sound as well. There is a cool groove
that runs through some of their songs and this is where most of the Hardcore comes in
play. The vocals are done in a mid ranged harsh Death growl style. You can hear a
difference in their sound with new vocalist Ben Pitts, but it still has that signature
sound. I have been a big fan of these guys since their first release came out and
while I was living in Colorado for two year I was really hoping to get to see them live, but
unfortunately didn't. Who knows, maybe they will come to Florida some day. If you were
to mix early
NAPALM DEATH with MALEVOLENT CREATION and add in a little bit
DECAPITATED you get the Metal madness that is ENEMY REIGN!