Athens Greece's very own Black Metal maniacs ENSHADOWED are back with their new
opus "MAGIC CHAOS PSYCHEDELIA". The band has been around since 1998 and have
put out many releases over the years, but this is only the bands third full length. These guys
have been known for their harsh experimental Black Metal mayhem and once again they
have delivered the goods. The music tends to have a more old school Black Metal feel with
the raw harshness of their style and sound. The music is very fast paced and gritty with
some cold dark passages mixed all through out. They haven't changed much over the years
like a lot of the other Black Metal bands that started out in the 90's. They have that very
dark occult like old world European feel, which is where the cold dead heart of Black Metal
is. The guitar work at times pulls elements from Speed or Thrash Metal, just because of
some of the arrangements. Once you mix in the cold harsh throaty Black Metal vocals of
Serpent you now have a complete Black Metal juggernaut.
ENSHADOWED may not have
been around as long as some of the bigger known Black Metal bands, but these guys have
earned the right to stand atop the Black Metal pile as being one of the best, most influential
and greatest Black Metal bands out there! If you've never heard these guys before you must
pick this new release up! It will summon the demons from Hell and make you glad you did!