Bulgarian Death Metal greats ENTHRALLMENT are back with their follow up to 2012's
"PEOPLE FROM THE LANDS OF VIT". These guys continue to amaze and out do
themselves with each new offering. "THE VOICE OF HUMAN PERVERSITY" is the
bands latest release. It is filled with what they have been known for and that's heavy as
hell Death Metal music laced with Grindcore elements all through out. They take elements
from the old school European Death Metal genre mixed with some American Death Metal
as well. They also then add in elements of Mexican Grindcore along with early '90's Czech
Republic styled Grindcore. I am a huge fan of all these genres so of course I was loving
what I was hearing. The old school Death metal is brutal as can be and just kept pelting
you in the face and giving you one hell of a beating, which you would gladly take over and
over again. They then slam you with the spastic and gritty Grindcore that just shreds you
to pieces. The guitar sound will go from a straight forward Death riff in to ultra fast and
chaotic Grindcore riffs. The drums follow the same path from blasting double bass beats
straight into machine gun like Grindcore beats. The vocals are a mid ranged gritty
growling Death growl style with the occasional Grindcore type growl mixed in. You need
to take a nap after listening to
ENTHRALLMENT, because they just wear you out just
trying to keep up. I don't know how these guys are able to play so fast! I loved every
minute of it and want lots more!!!
ENTHRALLMENT is one of the greatest under rated
Death Metal bands in the underground scene today! A absolute must to check out!