I’d like to get this part out of the way first. I know it's not a big deal, but it's something I
wondered about for years. Twenty five years back I received a rehearsal tape from a
Swedish band called
ENTRAILS. The next time I heard this name invoked forth from a
band (not counting the great Czech Black Metal band) was the godly “REBORN” demo I
received from Gab of
NIHILISTIC HOLOCAUST. Was this, in fact, the same band of
whose rehearsal I enjoyed so much, so many years before?  It wasn't until I got the
assignment of this review that I had the chance to actually investigate. The result
surprised me. There are two bands from Sweden under the moniker
the multitude of bands in Sweden, not very surprising. What is, at least, coincidental is
that both bands formed in 1990. The one who recorded the old rehearsal I spoke of, only
recorded a demo and a split tape in 1991 before fading into history. This
though, never committed anything to tape (at least an officially released one) until 2008,
having thrown in the towel, temporarily, in 1998 and picking things up in fine fashion in
2008 and releasing, what I felt was one of the best Death Metal demos of the first ten
years of the new millennium. After signing to
METAL BLADE and receiving many
accolades for Death Metal played like it was in 1990, one could postulate that these guys
waited 18 years in a cryogenic chamber, thawed out and let loose with an authentic
barrage of Death Metal that is as fresh sounding now as this stuff did decades before
Now the time has come for the obligatory demo collection. I say “obligatory” merely
because everyone does them eventually these days, I personally love ’em!  Having a short
recording history for a band having existed since 1990, there are only 2 demos present
here. The aforementioned “REBORN” demo from 2009 and the “HUMAN DECAY”
demo from that same year. A short recording history, however, doesn't necessarily leave
them bereft of a good deal of studio work.  Besides having members within the ranks also
having been in
compiling 2 demos comes in at over 70 minutes. The “REBORN” demo being a full
length album itself.  You get a good bit of material.
METAL BLADE has graciously
released “RESURRECTED FROM THE GRAVE” on both CD and double LP.  Fono
Ltd. has also done their due diligence, having released a CD version in 2014. Describing
this one musically is a cake walk. Any
out there?  Well, GET THIS!!!!!  Also
DISMEMBER fans should take special note too. I
always thought the production on
was the finest of an already stellar list of well produced records. The “REBORN” demo
hits it right on the head. The “HUMAN DECAY” demo production being just a tad more
muffled, but having its own great qualities. Oh, another telling fact is that the band covers
the “MASSIVE KILLING CAPACITY” classic “Casket Garden” to close the “HUMAN
DECAY” demo as well.  See where I’m going with this? Anybody in the underground
whose been around awhile, knows the quality of music released by
. The unbelievable “REBORN” demo they released was merely this
band's first step out of the gate, so the uninitiated can imagine where this band has gone
since.  Easily, one of the best bands resurrecting the glory days of Swedish Death.  I
should point out, not just a resurrection of a sound, these guys were there. Any fan of the
SUNLIGHT STUDIO bands should take heed, but a DISMEMBER fan missing
this album, well that’s just plain WRONG!


                                                                                             - Reviewed by Keith Dempe