Self Released

ERA HEX is a fairly new band out of Germany that plays some crushing Industrial Metal
music. Some of you may remember the band under their former name of
song EP is a taste of what this amazing band has to offer us in the future. These guys are
not the typical Industrial Metal band though.
ERA HEX tends to lean more towards Death
Metal music that is infused with Electronica & Industrial elements. They have a very
technical Death Metal sound that is combined with symphonic and powerful electronics.
The music tends to take you on a whirlwind of sounds. At times it's full on brutal Death
Metal and others it's more atmospheric, cosmic and ethereal sound and others it's a blend of
both. The vocals of Alexander Morte are done in a groggy Death growl style that sometimes
tends to lean towards Black Metal round out the bands sound perfectly. The drumming of
Quasar, who played with
NECROPSY & DEATHRONATION sounds so tight, technical
and almost mechanical. These guys have an amazing future if they keep putting out such
quality and impressive music like on "NEW AEON". The only complaint I had with this
release is that three songs is definitely not enough. I want more! I can't wait to hear what
ERA HEX puts out next! This is a band that must be watched!!!