Formed back in 2004 comes one of the better Black Metal bands to ever emerge out of
Greece. These guys have had their share of typical band problems, put out a few demo
releases and finally we see their full length debut release. Their music is dark dreary
Black Metal music with some slight Thrash Metal & Doom Metal type influences. You
can hear some of the Thrash Metal elements present in the guitar work at times. The
Doom Metal presents itself in some of the slower more crawling arrangements. These
elements are very slight, cause for the most part it's blasting Black Metal. These guys
merge together some old with the new when it comes to their Black Metal style. They do
have a very tight and almost technical style that comes across in places. Then they take
you to a more aggressive and gritty old Black Metal style. These guys would definitely
appeal to many Black Metal fans as well as pull in some people who are straight forward
Death Metal fans. This is one hell of a debut full length that should draw these guys
much attention and will hopefully mean we will see many more releases from them in the
future. Horns raised!