ESKHATON is a Black / Death Metal band hailing from Melbourne, Australia. This is
not what I was expecting when this kicked in, especially from an  Australian band. I
guess I haven't heard much Black Metal coming out of Australia, so this was some of
the surprise. They come out with all bombs blasting and plow you over with a wall of
noise, chaos and destruction. The music has a very strong old school Black Metal sound
that I would expect to hear from France, Italy or Greece from back in the early '90's.
There is a spastic and crazy force of harsh Black Metal being blasted into the faces of
the listener. The guitars remind me of some of those old early Black Metal bands where
there is a lot of static and feedback pouring through them and shredding your ears. At
times I could almost hear some Thrash Metal coming through in the guitars as well. The
drums were double bass blasting beats that just never seemed to stop. The vocals are
done in a low hallowed and drawn out Black Metal growl style. I could see visions of
churches bursting into flames and crumbling to the ground as I was listening to this. The
blasphemous mayhem that was spewing from these guys could possibly do the damage
for real. This is some of the darkest and high adrenaline old school Black Metal that I
have heard in a long time!!!