"PATHEI MATHOS" is the third full length release from German Death Metal band
ETERNAL WISDOM. ETERNAL WISDOM is actually a one man band created by
Johannes Tüllne who does all guitars, drums and vocals. He created this band to write
music about cabbalism, hermeticism and theosophy. The man is an amazing musician and
deserves much attention. The music is based in a Death Metal style, but there are other
elements present all through out. He adds in lots of Thrash Metal parts especially in some
of the guitars riffs and grooves. Then he tosses in some Black Metal, this is mostly in the
hyper fast blasting drums and the cold harshness that comes from the. He then rounds out
the bands sound with some slower dirtier almost Doom Metal parts. The majority of the
music is super fast and blasting, which I loved. It took me back to the early days of Death /
Black Metal music, especially the stuff that was coming out of Europe at the time. His
vocal follow the same pattern as the music. He will go from a very low ended thick Death
Metal growl into a colder harsher Black Metal growl and scream. This is one highly
talented musician and needs to be heard and given much more exposure than he gets now.
Every die hard Death Metal fan needs to check out