EVERTRAPPED is a five piece Melodic Death Metal band from Montreal, Canada.
These guys have been around since 2007 and have released three full lengths since then.
The bands newest album "UNDER THE DEEP" is a very cool addition to the bands
catalog. They play melodic Death Metal, but the majority of the album and songs are
done in the brutal Death Metal area. They go from break neck speeds of aggressive and
harsh brutal Death Metal then at times they will slow things down slightly by tossing in
some melodic Death Metal parts. The melodic Death Metal has a more modern Death
Metal feel to it, while the brutal and harsher parts have an old school style to them. The
drumming done by Eric Lemire is simply amazing and is probably some of the best
drumming I have heard in a long time in the Death Metal scene. He kind of reminds me of
the drumming done in
KATAKLYSM, which is tight, fast and extremely aggressive. This
was definitely my favorite part of the band. The dual guitar work from Frederick &
Vincent helped give the band more depth and range as well as make their sound more full
and in your face. The vocals are done in a mid ranged throaty and thick Death growl style.
I like the fact that even though they are Death growls you can still understand the vocals.
Which reminded me a little of
& CHILDREN OF BODOM. If your into the bands mentioned above as
well as
AT THE GATES, CARCASS & HYPOCRISY then your going to love
EVERTRAPPED. I know I did! Go and get this album and support this extremely
talented and amazing band!


                                                                                                  - Reviewed by Burt Wolf