Forming in 2006, we finally get the first full length release from in 2012 from Belgium's
EVILENKO. These guys are a diverse Death Metal band that infuse some Thrash Metal
and Hardcore influences into their sound. The band has a hard hitting thick Death Metal
sound at the bands foundation. They inject the Thrash Metal elements mostly in the guitar
arrangements and riffs. They kind of groove out some of the songs in certain places and has
a rough aggressive vibe which is where the Hardcore punches in. The vocals actually blend
all these styles into one. The growls kind of sway back and forth between pure Death
growls and Thrash screams and they have a raw harsh Hardcore type feel to them. I'm a big
fan of all these styles so I like when a band adds other genres into their Death Metal sound,
as long as it's done right.
EVILENKO does it right and are one of the better bands to fuse
these styles together seamlessly. Most people won't even be able to hear the other styles
on their first listen. I could see fans of just one of the three styles mentioned liking these
guys even though they are a combo of all three.
EVILENKO is going to draw a lot of fans
with this first release. Can't wait to see what they throw at us next! Crossover Death
Metal at it's best!