The original Canadian Thrashers are back and better than ever. EXCITER formed back in
1978 and became one of the originators of Canadian Thrash Metal. They became pretty
big in the 80's and continued on like most bands, with many problems, line up changes
and more. They persevered through and are still releasing quality Thrash Metal music.
This newest release has the vibe of some of their earlier releases with a classic 80's Thrash
vibe. There is high speed guitars, crunchy riffs and hard hitting drums. The vocals are
done if a harsh Thrash Metal scream. If you have never heard
EXCITER before, first off,
where the hell have you been, and second you are missing some of the best Thrash Metal
to ever emerge out of Canada. If you were to combine the two great Thrash Metal bands
ANVIL, also from Canada and early OVERKILL, you'd get a good idea of what this
band has to offer! "DEATH MACHINE" is Thrash Metal history in the making! Thrash