EXENCE (formerly known as ESSENCE) is an Italian Death Metal band that formed back
in 2000. These guys play a more modern style of Death Metal music that infuses many
elements of Thrash Metal into their sound. There is also a very Progressive Metal sound
that runs through out all their music. These guys take the modern Death Metal sound and
twist and mold it into their own. The guitar work, of course is where all the Thrash Metal
influences come into play. There are some very cool shredding parts with some very
involved guitar arrangements. The structures of the songs is what gives it that Progressive
vibe. The drum work of Francesco Brizzi is simply amazing. He will go from fast paced
blasting Death metal beats into some grooved out Thrash beats and then switch things up
with what sounds like some off timing Progressive beats. I loved the way these guys
incorporated these three styles together. Your going one way with them in a Thrash Metal
groove and they quickly turn it on it's head and take you down another path of pummeling
Death Metal. There are a lot of stop and start parts all through out as well. I dig these guys
a lot and feel they could pull in many fans from both the Death Metal side as well as the
Thrash Metal side. One of the best well rounded bands that delivers a lot. They reminded
me of more Progressive version of bands like
MESHUGGAH. Now if that isn't a killer combination, then you just don't know what
killer Metal sounds like. I've heard it and it is
EXENCE! Buy this now! 'Nuff said!