The gore obsessed demons know as EXHUMED have returned and with their best offering
thus far. For those few out there that still don't know, California's
EXHUMED play a
blasting mix of Death Metal / Thrash metal and Grindcore all drowning in gore. If this is
your first time hearing these guys, then you must have been born yesterday.
are the gods of splatter gore Metal and no one else does it better. I have been a big fan of
these guys for years and watched then grow into the killer Death Metal band they are
today. I even interviewed them years ago when I was doing my print magazine.
EXHUMED were more of a straight forward Grind Gore band in the early days and have
become a crushing Death Metal band today. Each new album shows them at the top of their
game and some how they put out better and better material with each new release
"NECROCRACY" is by far the bands most advanced and skilled release thus far. They
have kept the Gore Metal elements present, but added in some more technical aspects to
make them a mid '90's brutal as hell sounding Death Metal act.
EXHUMED went from
underground maniacs to blood splattered Metal gods. The only band that is worthy of
comparing them to would be the almighty
CARCASS. Now with CARCASS return we
will be comparing them to
EXHUMED instead. EXHUMED embodies everything that is
so great about Death Metal music. They have hyper fast guitar riffs, blast beats galore by
one of the greatest drummers in Death Metal history Mike Hamilton, thumping bass
grooves and thick throaty Death growls that Peirce your brain and make you hemorrhage
with joy!
EXHUMED was and always will be one of my favorite bands and get a lot of
praise, but i feel they deserve a hell of a lot more for out doing themselves with each new
release "NECROCRACY" is the best Death Metal release in years and stands right behind
"GORE METAL" as one of my all time favorite Death Metal albums! If you want Death
Metal at it's best you need to pick up this or any other album from
EXHUMED! Long live
the blood and gore!!!