This self titled album from New Orleans EYEHATEGOD is the bands first release in over
a decade. The band has endured some hardships, studio disasters and industry decisions
over the years to cause the delay, but they are back. The band, for those of you who have
been hiding in a cave for the bands twenty five years of existence, play a Southern style of
Sludge Metal music that embraces many other elements.
elements of 70's Metal, Doom, Hardcore, Southern Rock and Blues and then covers it in
mounds of Sludge. These guys defined a genre and have become legends in the Metal
community. I have been a fan for many years and seen them live, and like many others out
there feel this new release is by far the bands best effort so far. They have a very thick and
down tuned sound that sucks you and drags you along for the dirty filthy ride. There is a
lot of feedback in the bands sound that might turn people off, but it just makes me love
them even more. The band lost long time drummer Joey LaCaze due to respiratory failure
back in 2013. Luckily the drum tracks were already laid down and his tracks appear on the
album as a last tribute to the amazing drummer. The vocals of Mike IX Willimas are done
in very graspy style that almost has an old school '80's type of Hardcore sound. These
guys have crafted a sound all their own, which many bands since have copied, but these
guys deserve their due and this new album proves it! If you blend together
& LYNYRD SKYNYRD and through in some Blues you
will get the amazing sound that is