I was very happy to find this F.O.B. release in my review pile. I have distributed their
releases for many years now and am glad to see they finally got signed and are spreading
their music to the masses.
F.O.B. hail from the Czech Republic and play a mixture of Death
Metal and Metalcore music. They have changed their sound over the years starting out as a
Death / Thrash / Doom hybrid then dropping the Doom Metal and then going into a straight
forward Death Metal band and now morphing into a Death Metal / Metalcore band. The
band mixes in some of the old with the new on their newest release "REAP WHAT YOU
SOW". They combine elements of straight forward brutal old school Death Metal mixed
with lots of newer more modern Metalcore. The Death Metal influences are a combined
style of American & European Death Metal from the '90's. Then they add in a lot of heavy
and technical Metalcore with some more melodic and atmospheric Metalcore. The vocals
also range in styles and sound. There are thick and aggressive old school Death Metal
growls mixed with melodic clean Metalcore vocals and harsher more mid ranged screaming
Metalcore vocals. These guys even add in some Progressive and Thrash Metal elements
from time to time, which mostly show up in the guitar work.
F.O.B. have progressed and
morphed into a lot of different sounds over the years, but each time these guys deliver an
amazing release, that some how tops the previous one. "REAP WHAT YOU SOW" maybe
the bands most diverse album to date, but it is their best offering so far! Check out this
amazing group and support these guys!