Self Released

FALLEN FATE hails from England and plays a modern style of Thrash / Death Metal
music. They started out back in 2005 playing American styled Thrash Metal, but over the
years the band has changed and advanced their sound quite a bit. They play a more
modern style of Thrash Metal that mixes in elements of melodic Death Metal as well.
They have a creepy darkness that covers most of their music which helps give them more
of a Death Metal vibe. They also throw in some elements of Gothic, this could just be the
creepy dark vibe coming out. Also I can feel some almost Industrial influences, but mostly
in the guitars and in the same way that
MACHINE HEAD is still a Thrash Metal band,
but has a bit of that mechanical feel going on. The vocals are done in throaty and raw
Thrash Metal style with a bit of a Death Metal growl mixed in. The cool thing about this
album is that it's a concept album about a young girl who kills her family and herself. The
story tries to follow her as if she was possessed by the devil or if she was being punished
by God for not having any faith. This is a killer Thrash Metal band that has a lot more
going for them than most of the run of the mill Thrash Metal bands out there today. I
highly recommend every Thrash Metal fan to check out these guys and spread the word
on this amazing band!