FEROCITY hails from Denmark and play an extreme and brutal Death Metal style of
music. These guys have been destroying eardrums since 1995 and will continue to do so
with their newest offering. "THE SOVEREIGN" is the bands second full length and
follow up to 2009's "COCOON OF DENIAL". They did put out three demos prior to
this release as well. The band plays old school Death Metal music that pulls influences
from the New York, Swedish and Polish Death Metal scenes. They have a very thick mid
to low end Death Metal sound. I would say that the Polish Death Metal elements
dominate over the others. There is a killer hard edged New York Death Metal groove that
runs through some of their songs as well. The guitar work is very fast paced and ferocious
while still being crisp and Thrash metal like shredding. They have a lot of blast beats that
obliterate through a lot of their songs as well. The vocals of Kasper Wendelboe are done in
a low ended thick Death growl style that is almost at times a Death gurgle. These guys
have a lot of great qualities taken from the above mentioned Death Metal scenes and  
blend them together to create one crushing sound. Highly tight, intelligent and brutal
Death Metal at it's finest! Every Death Metal fan will find something to love about