Up from the grave and coming back to life is Norway's FESTER. These guys are one of
the pioneers of Blackened Death Metal music. Starting back in 1989 and going to the mid
nineties when the broke up. After a compilation release back in 2010, the band reformed
and "A CELEBRATION OF DEATH" is their first offering. The band plays a slower
dirty version of Death Metal music. The music has a real raw and cold Black Metal feel to
it that covers most of their sound. There is some harsh and hallowed passages mixed
through out. The vocals are done in a thick gritty Black Metal type growl that takes me
back to a lot of the Death & Black Metal bands coming out of Sweden, Norway & Finland
in the late 80's & early 90's. Fans of newer more symphonic Black Metal may not enjoy
these guys, but it's Black Metal played in the original form. This is must for all die hard
Black Metal fans! Horns raised!!!