Its almost impossible to be immersed in the extreme Metal underground for less than 10
minutes and not see or hear something either illustrated or played by Mark Riddick and
FETID ZOMBIE, we have BOTH!  Alongside Brian Forman, FETID ZOMBIE
have unleashed their newest (Grotesque) creation digitally via METALHIT and the CD
and tape release being handled by
MORBID VISIONS MUSIC. For the uninitiated,
names like “Fetid Zombie“, “Grotesque Creation“, etcetera, would conjure up your basic
Death Metal du jour… Its all been done a million times before right?  Not so fast!  
throw a bunch of curve balls that all seem to hit the strike zone.  Vocals ranging
from Max Cavalera circa 1987, to an almost spoken extreme, low register vocal, and a
couple other styles here and there, all of which could be encompassed with the Death
Metal genre prerequisites. Instrumentally though, is where we really start hitting unique
territory.  Vocally, this thing is all Black / Death Metal, but the music (especially the
soloing) has MUCH more in common with Power Metal than it does Death Metal.  It
doesn't’t sound like it would work, I wouldn't’t have thought so, anyway, but damn it, it
does!!!  “GROTESQUE CREATION” really sucks you in.  I even went into this with
preconceived notions, but was pleasantly and happily surprised. You think that’s it right?  
WRONG!! There are further unique components displayed and other dark corners of the
Metal underground invoked.  Its undeniable that the influence of Greek Black Metal played
a conscious role in
FETID ZOMBIE’s musical choices herein, and to that end, they do it
more than mere justice.  The final track “The Outstretched Hand Of Rotten Death” is
simply OOZING with the kind of atmosphere, best experienced in early 1990s Hellas.
We’ve covered a lot of ground here, but an all too brief (and incomplete I’m sure) synopsis
would be 1991 era
ROTTING CHRIST crossed with SEPULTURA somewhere in their
metamorphosis from "MORBID VISIONS" and "SCHIZOPHRENIA". Add some real
Power Metal chops in for good measure and you come up with one HELL of a surprising
and refreshing listen.  Something not to be missed.

                                                                                          - (Reviewed by Keith Dempe)