What can you say about FISHBONE that hasn't already been said. "CRAZY GLUE" is the
bands newest release and it also celebrates the bands 25th anniversary in the crazy music
FISHBONE has always been a band to stand out on their own and not be set in to
one music genre. Well, they are still doing what they do best, creating musical mayhem and
doing their own way. These guys combine Funk, Punk, Alternative, Ska, Metal and more
into concocting their sound. These guys were ahead of everyone else back when they formed
and they are well advanced past bands that are trying to duplicate what they perfected. They
have a crazy upbeat sound that reminds me of the early days of
mixed with early NO DOUBT meshed with 80's Punk Rock and George Clinton
& a little bit of
KOTTONMOUTH KINGS. Fans of FISHBONE's early work will love
this, because they have gone back to that early sound. I haven't heard these guys in years
and after listening to "CRAZY GLUE" a few times it reminded me of what a great band
FISHBONE is. I saw these guys on LALAPALOOZA in Philadelphia a while back and
they were amazing live. I now want to search out all those old
FISHBONE albums I had
back in the day on cassette.
FISHBONE are better than ever and hopefully we get another
25 years of this very underrated band that have been the blue prints for many bands that