FISTHAMMER hails from the outskirts of Kiladelphia, Pennsylvania and have
unleashed one massive debut release. These guys play crushing Death Metal music that
melts together many elements of old school & new school Death Metal. They have a fast
paced brutally heavy old school vibe, but at the same time add in a lot of technical newer
Death Metal influences. A lot of the technical sounds come from the well thought out
guitar arrangements. They almost at times have Thrash Metal feel, but only in the
guitars. The vocals are done in a mid ranged throaty Death Metal growl style. These
guys are extremely good and have put one hell of a debut release. Here is a yet another
amazing band from my home town of Philadelphia, that I won't get see unless they head
out to Colorado. Truly an amazing Death Metal band that I am sure will explode in the
scene and gain a huge following! Check them out, support them and buy their stuff!
Definitely one of the best bands to ever come out of Philadelphia!