FLIPTOP BOX comes to us from Athens, Greece and was formed back in 2003. The band
has been playing their brand of music and building a following in their home country. 2012
sees the release of their newest release "ANXIETY'S MANIFEST". The band, like most
bands has gone through a lot of line up changes amongst others to get to this point. They
walk on a thin line between Rock / Modern Metal & Grunge styled music. The majority of
their sound is an equaled blend of these styles, but at times one style seems to shine a little
more than others. They have a sort of Progressive Rock sound that was popular in the
seventies along with that gritty dirty Nineties Grunge Rock feel and some clean Modern
Metal vibes. The Modern Metal mostly comes in the form of the clean crisp guitar work
through out the album. The vocals of John P. are done in a melodic Rock / Metal style, but
kept reminding me of Glenn Danzig from his days in
THE MISFITS, but without that Punk
attitude mixed with a cleaner less dark version of Pete Steel of
was a really solid Modern Rock album all the way through. Each song had it's own
identity, but was still the signature sound of this band. These guys may be gathering a
following in Greece, but with this new release it should help them gather fans across the
globe! A great band for fans of Modern Rock!!!