This is the exclusive U.S. version of the United Kingdom's own FOREFATHER's sixth
studio album entitled "THE LAST OF THE LINE".
FOREFATHER plays a combination
of Black Metal mixed with Viking and Pagan Folk Metal music. Formed back in 1997 by
brothers Athelstan and Wulfstan have been going strong and with their newest release
don't seem to be stopping any time soon. The music has a really strong foundation based
in Folk Metal music, but adds in other elements. The faster more static noise driven guitar
parts sound like old school Black Metal in the vein of
BURZUM. When the thicker more
groove Death Metal parts come in, I think of
AMON AMARTH. Then once the whole
Folk / Pagan Metal stuff covers everything, bands like
come to mind. These guys have been around for a lot longer than most
Folk Metal bands, and they are much better than most as well. These guys should be more
at the front of the Folk Metal scene than they are. If you enjoy the sounds of the above
mentioned bands than your going to really enjoy
FOREFATHER! One of the better Folk
Metal bands in the scene today! Drinks & Horns high!