Formed in 2009 and hailing from Venice, Italy comes the Folk / Black Metal band
FORET D'ORIENT. Their name is in French and means Oriental Forest. The band
plays mostly in an old school Black Metal style with newer Folk Metal elements mixed
in. The band has many layers to that will appeal to fans of old school Black Metal as
well as the more modern and orchestrated Black Metal bands. They have many
atmospheric dark parts with Doom or Funeral Metal type riffs all through out. They
also add in many orchestral and acoustic inserts. There is a 47 string harp that plays
along with all the Metal structures. The lyrics are all sung in Italian & Latin to go along
with the lyrics themes that deal with the country's obscure cultural themes and history.
This band has put a fresh spark into the Black Metal scene with their original style and
sound. All fans of Black Metal music should give this band some attention & support,
so they will hopefully be around for a long time!