Self Released

New Jersey's FORLORN PATH is back with a new release entitled "MAN'S LAST
PORTRAIT". This is not what I was expecting from a band from New Jersey. I am used
to hearing Thrash or Hardcore bands with such an angry and pissed of sound coming out of
New Jersey. These guys are a Metal band but they are so much more as well. I guess the
best genre you could put them in would be Death Metal, but they add a lot of other
influences as well. The majority of the Death Metal they play is done in a melodic style,
but it is also very technical sounding too. They mix in many atmospheric Black Metal
passages as well as a lot of Doom Metal music too. The Black metal tends to have a colder
and more harsh old school Black metal style that you might have found in the '90's coming
out of Europe. While the Doom Metal influences are also done in an old school style, but
have a bit more of a drone dreary vibe to them. They tend to drag along a little bit in spots
and then they will get faster with some more aggressive parts. I loved the slower dreary
Doom parts a lot, especially when they go into a more Funeral Doom style then straight
into a melodic Black Metal part. The vocals are done slower mid range Black Metal groggy
growling style with some lower more melodic Death Metal growls. I am loving every
minute of this release. These guys pull you and take you along down a dark creepy path
and then change things up when you least expect it.
FORLORN PATH have a bit of
mixed within. These guys have to be one of the most talented and impressive bands that I
have ever heard come out of New Jersey. Everyone must experience what
has to offer!