Self Released

Kentucky isn't known for there Death Metal scene. They are known for horse racing,
bourbon distilleries and bluegrass music. But this great state is home for a band that is
truly evil and that band is called
FORNICUS. They are a Black Metal and Death Metal
band from a state that over half the population is religious. The band started in 2012 in
Glasgow, Kentucky what is called America's bible belt. The band released a demo in 2014
independently. That same year a full length "STORMING HEAVEN" came out by
NEGATIVE EARTH RECORDS, an American based label with one other band so far
on their roster, and that band is
GORGY a Death Metal and Grindcore band from
Franklin, Texas.
FORNICUS released an independent EP album in 2015 called "FEAST
FOR RATS" which has three tracks on it two of them are covers,
EMPEROR - "Ancient
Queen" and
MAYHEM - "Freezing Moon". This album "STORMING HEAVEN started
with a dark and disturbing intro walking into the gateways to hell, the music is diabolic
and truly sinister. With each passing track I feel the music terrorize my soul. I think this is
the band to watch in years to come! I haven't felt this mush evil since
' logo and album artwork was done by Gragoth at LUCIFER WAR
. Which is a really cool logo designer so check them out. In the veins of GOD
and VENOM.

                                                                                        - Reviewed by Kevin Cressman