I know that India is really starting to develop a huge Metal scene and FRAGARAK is
one of their best offerings to date. These guys hail from New Deli and play a very
Progressive Style of Death Metal music. They have a very new school approach to their
Death Metal sound. There are some slight old school elements that pop up from time to
time though. There is a brutal and heavy foundation for the bands sound, but it is layered
with lots of technical parts. There is a very interact style and sound to their music. The
drumming is amazingly tight and the driving force behind the band. The guitar work just
weaves in and out and goes from fast to slightly slower paces. The vocals done by
Supratim Sen are done in a few different Death Metal styles. There are the very low
ended thick Death growls mixed with some gurgles, mixed with some thick throaty almost
Grindcore like vocals. I loved how they blended in some melodic almost chanting vocals
from time to time as well. These guys are very impressive and highly talented Death
Metal band and a very good representation of how strong the India Metal scene is.
Everyone should keep an eye on these guys and take notice of the ever growing Metal
scene in India so they don't miss out on some killer bands.