FRAIL GROUNDS hails from Norway and formed back in 2005 from the ashes of DEUS
. The band plays a combination of a few Metal style to create their sound.
They mix together elements of Progressive , Power, Traditional & Thrash Metal to create
their style. The foundation of the bands sound would have to be Progressive Metal, from
which they build off of. They tend to have a strong and solid Power Metal sound that
comes in the arrangements and structures of the song. The music also has an Epic
Traditional Metal sound that helps pull everything together. The slight Thrash Metal
influences tend to come out in the guitars from time to time, this is mostly in the faster
more shredding guitar parts. The guitars are also very multi layered and with the
arrangements really give it that Progressive Metal feel. The vocals also tie in a lot of the
above mentioned styles. The vocals range from melodic Power Metal to clean Progressive,
gritty Thrash Metal and even some lower ended Death growls. These guys pull in a lot of
different Metal styles, like a lot of bands, but these guys know how to do it right. "THE
FIELDS OF TRAUMA" is a concept album that follows an expedition deep into Siberia,
questioning how far a person might go under the extreme circumstances in order to achieve
a sense of resolution. As you listen along, the music really pulls you in and makes you feel
like you are right their on the journey with them.
FRAIL GROUNDS have created an
amazing masterpiece with this new album, which will be hard for them to top, but I'm
looking forward to seeing how they do.