Self Released

FREEDOMINATION is a refreshing Metal band from Finland. These guys formed back
in 2008 and have three releases to date. Their sound is a very refreshing one because they
are doing something slightly different from what we are used to hearing coming out of
Finland as well as a lot of other places from around the world. These guys have taking
Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal and Power Metal and meshed them all together to create
their sound. I know what your thinking, many bands have taking these styles and done
the same thing. Not like
FREEDOMINATION has! These guys have breathed new life
into an over saturated scene and these genres especially. They have not fallen into the
new form of bands playing this style, but they also haven't fallen into that retro style as
well. The music has a very well thought out and very well constructed style in their
songs. The fast paced aggression of Speed Metal mixed with some slight harsher Thrash
Metal is all present. Then they add in some more melodic and atmospheric type Power
Metal parts which really brings their sound to another level. You can also hear some more
Traditional Heavy Metal influences all present through out, especially the New Wave Of
British Heavy Metal style from the late 70's and early 80's. Timo's vocals range from
melodic higher pitched Power Metal with some mid ranged and more aggressive Thrash /
Speed Metal vocals. These guys have pumped new life into and old style of music and
kind of revamped these old styles of Metal and created an amazing fresh sound. I am
huge fan of these Metal genres and am glad to see there are bands out there like
FREEDOMINATION taken from the ones came before and doing something new with
it. I must check out for all die hard Metal heads! Why is this band not signed!!!

                                                                                                 - Reviewed by Burt Wolf