Self Released

Hailing from the frost bitten corners of North Dakota, comes the Black Metal maniacs
known as
FROSTHELM. These guys formed back in 2009 and "THE NORTHWINDS
REND FLESH" is the bands first release to date. These guys come off as a Black Metal
band, but there is a ton of Thrash Metal and Death Metal spread all through out their songs.
The way the songs are arranged have a very strong classic Thrash Metal style to them, but
they mix it up at times to pull in some more Modern Thrash elements. The guitar work of
Dakota Irwin is super tight and ultra fast shredding for the most part. I liked the grooved out
guitar and bass rhythms through out the most, because they reminded me of the old school
Thrash that I grew up listening to. When they speed up the guitar parts they get a bit noisier
and remind me of some old school European Black Metal bands. The drums is where I hear a
lot of the Death & Black Metal influences coming into play. They are really fast, hard
hitting and blasting. They also remind me of a lot of the old school Black Metal bands that
were coming out of Europe in the early 90's. Tyler Pfliger's vocal style is done in a raw mid
to high ranged Black Metal growl / scream style. This is one for fans of bands like