Self Released

FUCK THE FACTS is a crushing Grindcore band from Canada. I have been a huge fan of
these guys since their early days. I have even helped distribute a lot of their releases and
even interviewed them on my website. Guitarist Topon Das created this band as a side
project and after two years he put together a full band and kept
The band has done a ton of split releases as well as some demos and EP's over the years.
This new EP which was released earlier this year is a little different than some of their other
releases over the years. This time around they play more of a spastic and Death Metal
influenced Grindcore style of music. The music is very experimental sounding in most
places, but other places it's straight forward Grindcore madness. The music tends to go all
over the place and then pulls back together and has a more solid construction. This is what I
have always loved about
FUCK THE FACTS, because you never know what you will be
getting from them, from album to album and sometimes from song to song. The bands
music is some what noisy and experimental at times, but the Grindcore just cuts right
through it all and blast the listener. The vocals are done in a mid ranged Grindcore scream
style that almost feels like a Hardcore band at times. The guitar work is simple amazing
going from melodic clean arrangements into hyper speed static and noisy Grindcore
madness. If there is one thing you can always count on from
you never know what to aspect from them, except some of the best Grindcore in the genre.
If you think you can survive the mayhem that is
FUCK THE FACTS then pick up this
release and hunt down their huge back catalog of albums! One of my all time favorite
underground bands ever! "AMER" is another piece of their underground legacy of
"Basterized Grincore"!