Relapse Records

I was so happy to get this new FUCK THE FACTS release. I have been a big supporter
and fan of these guys since way back when Topon Das was doing this as a solo project. I
used to distribute all his releases on my label as well. Once he started building interest in
the project he turned it into a full band. They play a spastic mixture of Grindcore &
Death Metal music. This is not your typical band playing this style and they like to
describe it as Bastardized Grindcore. The band has definitely advanced in the past few
years. Each new release incorporates  something new that the previous didn't. This time
around it seems like they have added in some Mathcore type elements to their style.
There is also some Progressive parts in the structure of how the songs are laid out. The
vocals are done in a mixture of Death growls and Grindcore screams. The intricate well
thought out songs mixed with brutal chaotic aggression is what makes this band stand out
from all others attempting this style.
FUCK THE FACTS has and always will be one of
the best bands to ever come out of Canada and will always be one of my favorite
underground bands! If you haven't heard them, you must buy this album and blast it!