FUNEST is an Italian Death Metal band that was formed in 2012. These guys may be
from Italy, but old school Swedish styled Death Metal music. They do mix in some Black
Metal elements from time to time. This mostly comes through in some of the sounds of
the guitar work. There is a cold harshness that kind of engulphs the bands sound which is
also where some of the Black Metal influences may come into play. For the most part
they are a straight forward Death Metal band though. The drumming is blasting, while the
guitars have that some what gritty Death Metal sound with some touches of groove in
certain parts. I love how they roll along non stop and then stick a shredding guitar part in
the mix. They almost have a bit of a Death 'N'' Roll sound in some parts of the songs. It
reminded me a little bit of old
ENTOMBED & DISMEMBER material, with some bits
DEBAUCHERY thrown in. The more I listened I could hear some GRAVE &
or even some AT THE GATES influences here and there. I, like most
people into Death Metal am a fan of the Swedish Death Metal scene, especially the old
school stuff, so of course I was loving
FUNEST. These guys are one of the newest bands
that have taken that old school Swedish sound and done it justice. These guys would have
been a huge influence on bands today if they were around in the '90's for that original
wave of bands!!!