GENIUS ULTOR is the side project of members of the Polish band STILLBORN. After
four years of silence these guys have once again unleashed another blasphemous master
piece to the masses. The music is a mix of Black & Death Metal music. Their sound does
tend to lean more towards the Black Metal side though. This comes from the dark, raw and
harshness of their sound. They have that feel of a lot of the Black Metal bands coming out
of Europe in the early '90's playing this style. There is a heavy evilness and hatred that is
pouring out of their music through and through. There is an unrelenting heavy and fast
paced sound that rarely ever lets up. The Death Metal influences come from some of the
arrangements in certain parts. The drums is where I hear this mostly coming through as
they are grooved Death Metal double bass blast at times. The guitars have that cold and
harsh static like Black Metal sound that comes from some of the early greats of the genre.
The vocals tend to sway back and forth between the two styles as well. They range from
mid thick Death growls to higher and harsher Black Metal screams. These guys will surely
impress fans of early European Black Metal and just about any Black Metal band that was
NECROPOLIS RECORDS back in the day. Check this fiends out!!!