The Splatter Thrash maniacs in GHOUL are back with a very cool EP entitled "HANG
TEN". This time around the band is doing something a little different than they normally
do. They are playing Punk / Thrash Metal music in a Surf music style. The music has that
cool '60's style Surf / Garage sound mixed with fast paced crunchy guitars and blasting
Punk beats. These guys never seem to surprise us with each new release. The them of this
album is a tale of two motorcycle bike gangs in a battle for power that leaves their home
of Creepsylvania in ruins. This album might turn off some fans of the band, but die hard
GHOUL fans will love it. I have been a fan of these guys for a long time, when they first
started out on
RAZORBACK RECORDS and even did an interview with them back in
2003. The album features guest appearances from members of
& DEADBOLT. The band does play a style of Crossover Thrash that
infuses elements of Death Metal, Grindcore & Punk all into their sound. These guys have
definitely become legends in the underground and most people reading this have heard
them already, if not, do yourself and pick up one of their releases. They are an absolute
must in any Metalheads music collection!!!