"I BEGIN"   

GOD SEED is a killer Black Metal band hailing from Norway. Most people in the Black
metal scene will already know these guys from their previous band
was formed in March 2009 by Gaahl and King Ov Hell following the court's
conclusion of
GORGOROTH's band name dispute. They moved on and have created an
even bigger and better entity in the form of
GOD SEED. I was not the biggest fan of
GORGOROTH, so I wasn't sure what to expect from this new band. GOD SEED plays a
more straight forward Black Metal music. The music has a really gloomy, dark and cold
sound all through out, but with a dirty almost Doom Metal feel to it. There is a strong
organic atmosphere with lots of different passages and drowning in Funeral Black Metal
parts. The majority of the music is a mid ranged paced with some faster more aggressive
parts mixed that remind me of their previous band. The guitars are done in a static noise
style of Black Metal with lots of Blackened Thrash Metal guitar parts as well. These guys
have definitely up their game with
GOD SEED. The vocals are done in a harsh mid ranged
Black Metal growl / scream style with some mid ranged clean Black Metal vocals as well as
some more melodic Black Metal haunts and chants. Both Gaahl & King Ov Hell may have
lost out on getting the
GORGOROTH name, but these guys have prevailed and won when
it comes to
GOD SEED. This is by far a more advanced, progressed and impressive Black
Metal band that has grown from the ashes of
GORGOROTH. If you were a fan of their
previous band then you definitely want to get this, because it is just a much better band all
around. Highly recommended for all Black Metal and Death Metal fans.