"COVERED IN SKIN" is the newest 7" EP from Berlin Germany's GOREGAST. These
guys have been in the scene since 2004 and have been playing old school Death Metal
better than most bands that started it. They have a very cold and grimy old school Death
Metal style. The music is a mixture of American and European Death Metal music. There
is nice solid mid ranged Death metal sound, with some slight touches of Black Metal
influences in their sound. This just comes in the coldness and darkness of their music. The
vocals have a slight touch of it as well. They are done in a mid ranged Death Metal growl
style, but then they have some more slightly higher pitched groggy Death Metal growls
that have a haunting Black Metal sound to them at times. There is only two tracks on this
EP that is supposed to hold us over until the bands fourth full length release, which is
coming out sometime in 2014, so we don't have long to wait. All old school Death Metal
fans will love these guys and be anxiously awaiting waiting, like myself, for what they
have to offer us next!