GRENOUER formed out of St. Petersburg, Russia back in 1992. The band has gone
through a lot of changes over the years. They started out playing a more Thrash / Death
Metal style of music. They later leaned more towards an Industrial Metal sound and now
ending up with a more Rock / Metal sound. The band has introduced a lot of melodic
elements to their present sound on this, their  seventh release "BLOOD ON THE FACE".
The band has morphed into different sounds over the years, but still kept the Metal core
of the band all along the way. Their sound has a bit more of an melodic and Epic Metal
style. It is very full sounding and has a lot of dynamic depth to it. At times you can hear a
lot of Progressive Metal shining through, this mostly comes out in the guitar work and the
song arrangements. The vocals is where the majority of the melodic Metal is dominate.
The vocal style of Andry Ind is done in a more mid ranged melodic yet powerful clean
Metal style. The singing is done more in a New Wave Of British Heavy Metal style from
the '80's, but with a more modern tweak.
GRENOUER has definitely changed a lot over
the years, but I feel it was a natural progression and one the band needed. I have been a fan
of these guys for many years now and even though they have changed I still like each
album as it's own entity and as part of the whole legacy that is