Self Released

Hailing from Elizabeth, New Jersey comes the behemoth known as GRIMUS.
"OMNICIDE" is the bands first full length release and comes almost three years after their
last release. These guys play a combined style of classic old school Death Metal mixed
with modern Deathcore music. Their sound is a bit different as it takes on a darker more
gritty edge. There are elements of Black Metal and Sludge present through out the songs as
well. The darker more spastic guitar parts remind me of a lot of the Black Metal that was
coming out of Europe in the '90's. While the slower more grittier parts have a dirty Sludge
Metal vibe to them. Other than those elements, the majority of the music is done in a
classic American Death Metal style that was very much present in the '90's. In the more
intricate and progressive parts is where you can hear the modern Deathcore influences
coming out. There is a really cool aggressive chugging guitar groove that flows through
their music too. The vocals are done in a mid ranged Death growl style, that has a bit of a
harsh gritty feel to it. These guys have unleashed a massive release with "OMNICIDE"
and will be hard to top, but I can't wait to see them do it. The band features members of
WINDFAERER & ALLEGAEON. Fans of old school American Death Metal mixed with
old school European Death Metal are going to love this!