GRIPE is a Grindcore band that formed back in 2010 out of Athens, Georgia. These guys
have a whole different take on the Grindcore style. They tend to play it in a Hardcore vein,
but it's drowning in Power Violence sounds. The music is spastic, raw and highly intense.
They tend to go all over the place with the music and it kind of takes you on a crazy ride.
The Grindcore parts of their sound remind me of a rawer version of
their early days of the "SCUM" era. The angry Power Violence tends to remind me of a lot
of the bands I was hearing in the mid nineties coming out of Europe and Japan. The vocals
are done in a higher pitched fast Power Violence scream mixed with a lower to mid ranged
Grindcore growl style. I know bands like this aren't everyone's cup of tea, but if your a fan
of this style then your gonna love these guys. One of the better bands these days playing
this genre. Grindcore to the floor!!! Get this one and piss off everyone around you!!! This
album is a cassette release for all you old schoolers!!!