GROND hails from Moscow, Russia and play crushing old school Death Metal music.
These guys take it way back to the beginning of the early days of Death Metal. They
have a lot of rawness and aggressiveness in their sound. The music also has some Thrash
Metal influences that come through in a lot of places. As I kept listening to these guys,
old school Florida Death Metal from the early 90's mixed with old school European Death
Metal from the late 80's. I love these days of Death Metal and
GROND brought back a
lot of great memories from those days. The music has a really cool groove in a lot of
places which is where I really heard a lot of the Thrash Metal coming into play. There are
very thick low ended Death growls that round out the bands sound. Many old school
Death Metal fans will love these guys and I can't wait to hear what these guys give us