GRUESOME STUFF RELISH is one of those bands that have a CARCASS worship style
of music that they play. There is nothing wrong with that, cause
CARCASS rules and is one
of my favorite Death Metal bands. These guys don't rip them off, they just play a similar
GRUESOME STUFF RELISH has been shredding their since 2000 and have never
let up along the way. They hail from Spain, but play old school Swedish Death Metal
soaking in Splatter / Gore Metal. The bands whole concept is based off their love for Italian
Horror from the 60's, 70's & 80's. Even though the music is based in Death metal, they do
add in a lot of Grindcore as well. The low ended sound is what brings back the old school
Death metal vibe. The guitar work is very similar to
CARCASS, in that it is very crusty,
shredding that almost boarders on Thrash Metal, but with a harder edge. The drumming has
a fast paced Grindcore blast beat at times and at others they slow it down and crawl through
the songs. The groggy throaty Death growl vocals round the band out. These guys have been
doing this for years and play their style of
CARCASS worship better than most bands out
there in the scene. If you can't have
CARCASS then your definitely gonna want some