Emerging on the scene back in 2004 out of Italy, the Death Grind monster known as
GRUMO was born. The band was formed by Riki (vocals) and Nico (drums). The band
has put out a few demos, a couple of splits and two full length releases with
"FALLIMENTO" being the newest which came out in 2015. The band plays a very cool
style of Death Grind music that would put a lot of the bands that came before them to
shame. They have a very solid Death Metal foundation, but when they crank it up, this
is where the Grind comes roaring through. The Death Metal elements have that old
school, almost Floridian Death Metal sound mixed with a European Death Metal vibe.
They then through on the Grind which reminded me of a lot of the stuff from the late 90s
and early 2000s coming out of Czech Republic and Mexico with a little bit of German
Thrash to spice things up a bit. I loved how they would go from a full on blast beat into
a grooved out Death / Thrash style and then Grind the shit out of you on the way out!
The vocals are done in a mid ranged Death growl with  a throaty and angry Grind growl.
These guys are now one of my favorite Death Grind bands out there today. Take the
best parts of
& REPULSION and roll them into one and your
results would be
GRUMO. An absolute must to check out!!! Highly recommended!!!

                                                                                                - Reviewed by Burt Wolf