GUTTED should be well known to most long time fans of the Death Metal underground.
GUTTED formed back in 1996 out of Hungary. These guys have been releasing crushing
music ever since and have no signs of stopping anytime soon. These guys play old school
brutal as Hell Death Metal music. The music is ultra fast and tight with some heavy massive
riffage and intense blasts. They have a strong old school sound that takes me back to the
early days of Death Metal. Their style is a mix of the old Florida Death Metal scene mixed
with '90's European Death Metal. The guitar work of Gábor Drótos is fast and technical
with a lot of Progressive Death Metal riffs along with some almost Thrash Metal riffs. The
vocals, also done by Gábor Drótos are done in a mid to low ranged Death Metal growl style.
These guys throw in a heavy grooved out Death Metal sound at times that is killer. I've been
a fan of these guys for years and can truly say this is some of the best work this already
amazing band has done. "PATH OF A NEW ERA" was a free digital EP the band put out to
hold us over until their next full length do out in February 2014. If this little EP is any
indication of what is to come, we are in for some extremely brutal songs that are sure to
crush. If you haven't experienced being
GUTTED, then you need to check these guys out!
An amazing band doing what they do best!